DOS POEMAS: Bocata y Duality

 Munch El grito – Munch


Munch gritó hacia afuera
Yo grito hacia adentro.
Llevo un ser que vocea en el estómago
dentro del hígado, corre por la sangre
se pierde en las arterias
suicida aliento en los acantilados de los huesos
hunde su voz en las espumas de la saliva
tragada por el hambre.
Mi grito no se oye
queda mudo en el paladar
lo comen las lágrimas
cuando te llamo.

©Julie Sopetrán


Azul – Joan Miró


                                                                         To my English-speaking followers

Mediterranean sea, my sea, my lovely sea of pearls and foam!
And the wandering, migratory dunes travelling to my heart
The ripple marks show my thoughts drawings by the wind
And the two-coloured waters of my identity that is showing me the beauty!
The sky, the sea, the breeze, the fullness, the emptiness
And the movement! Between life and death, the line
The thin decisive line marks the union and the separation
Of high tide, two blues growing in one… or one body in two blues!
The sea, the zephyr, the messenger, and the duality: lively is my mind
Desire of breadth for knowledge and the surf of versatility
The two stars Pollux, Castor, the two children and the restless and
The changeable two-faced energy of Gemini!
Blue words, blue feelings, blue soul
Blue swea, skay blue, wind, wind, and more wind, blue on my wet lips!
In order to learn how two kiss, how to talk to you my love
My time, my space, my seaweed, my clouds…
To accept the border were you are waiting and to kill your fear
The decisive high-grade blue dark, blue light line of fear!

 ©Julie Sopetrán


~ por Julie Sopetrán en 24 mayo, 2015.

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