POEMAS EN INGLÉS – English Poems

By Julie Sopetrán




I thought that I was free but it is not true
A wall stands in my way to freedom. Bricks, stones…
Masonry patterns… Maybe so are the trees and rivers
Columbs and dams: walls of obstacles
Barries, impediments, burlesque fortresses
As a landscape winter fills my view with snow
The silent wind forms a wall in front my eyes!
And then nothingness, death´s song is constant
Time singing of death… A wall stands, no news
No writing of graffiti… The flat, horizontal flame
My heart is broken. My feet are without shoes
And my hands are without flesh
There is no food so that I can´t dream
The wall has no doors to escape through
Can I cross the insipid matter?
I am alone and free but still the wall stands in my way
Is anybody there, hearing me on the other side of my wall?


©Julie Sopetrán


Daniel F_ Gerhartz - Tutt'Art@ (11)Daniel F_ Herhartz Tutt´Art


Words are golden
As the eyes of the cat in the dark night
In front of flash light
Surprised it when it was watching the moon
My tongue is quiet testing the brevity
Of experience
There are not monosyllables
Only a noisy sight in the deepest music
If my free verse
Words are also red inside my body
As the fire in the mirror
As a fan turning the air, yellow
As a wed sex under the lightning
As a rape pomegranate full of sweet blood
Or gorgeous gems incrusted in the tongue´s pleasure
Because I know, you are in my body
When I named you
But also, when my saliva perfums your kisses
Sex between the harvest white fields
Black, red, yellow, in the central labyrinth
Of life
As a silence tonge shadow
Expressing music!


©Julie Sopetrán



Light grows between the tree and tears
And the root hairs and the root cap and the scars
And the crown and the twig and the hummed buds
Are removing their dust
It is the time of day when I review my dreams
And birds tell me the truth before the clock awakes me
My hinder lover-love extend his arms as branches
Arriving to my soul. Oh! The stems and limbs and trunk
Sweet silent beauty
It is something reborn
It is something inside my blood!
My day starts with you in so many ways away around the world
Magic beliefs or rivers crossing the unknown
Because you are here as a weather time dragon
As a fire-flame burning your sorrow in my chest!
As a cloud raining over your hands
As the star glowing our feelings
Over this snow-covered dawn


©Julie Sopetrán




We are a dissatisfied groan
A sound in the silence of space
A disordered light,
An old prophetic thought
We are an unending laugh
Conteining a flood of sadness
The color of beach that is going far
And is getting lost between the traces
We are the cloud it´s beyond beliefs
that goes with the wind of doubts
that goes with the fury of time
We are like a dustry-flesh-sand
And we go slowly returning
To the hide root of foam
That dissapear between the light of dreams.

©Julie Sopetrán




My body discharged upon the land.-

Mean-while, I listened to the wind
From the sierra´s as it mischievoosly
Passed through my pasture.

 It was like a breeze that in
The hands of the sun,
Croshed mirrors!

 In the obscure plane of the
Jubilant reflections of my shadow,-
Exploded the colors of smiles.

 And it was at that instant, that in
My eyes: «planets of solitaire»
I watched the wind,
-Dragging from the earth the wears,
and Dressing with my shadow the

©Julie Sopetrán



We don´t need to talk
Our hands express the silence around the river
Our eyes rest on the water
Flower´s fingers are flavouring the trees
The path of the border sings the distance
And there is a bird learning to sing
As a baby dreams, full of doubts
Is the silent embroidery by the evergreen?
What makes me tink about equivocal?
The chaos is magic
The blade of leaf reflects existence
And you are here
Touching my soul
What else do you want to know?
The clay is in the bottom of the river
Just reach out…

©Julie Sopetrán



Photography: Marcio Cabral


An endless time of emptiness we are living:
Plants, animals, people… fell into the abyss
The earthquake moves ours souls
To the strong feeling, such as sadness.
My tears grow
Who is not guilty?

©Julie Sopetrán



In the wind love echo sounds
Love! My deep love never ending
Innocence, pure, full of meaning
With delightful holes in the centre of the cloud
Hummingbirds and the little goat baa
And the cheeps of the birds in my acacia
They are telling me tales and legends of unfinished romances
The shepherdess knows the land better than I
The ways are narrows and larges. Wait for me there
Now we have to eat for the holiday begins here
Family is waiting don´t be late!
The smell of roasted lamb
involves our hearts!

©Julie Sopetrán


The skay is in my eyes, I don´t have a body
Is the moment of death the truth of absence?
Is the moment of life the fire of purity?
Is the moment of light!
Is the moment of flight!
Where is the worry?
The plenitude absorbed my mind
The sea is like silk
The wind is slipknots
The space is my country
The kisses of time disappeared; carried me
To essence, to the cell, to the knowledge
No more pain; no longer the need to worry
No more memory
Only my blue heart!
Just blue envelopes me in it´s cloak!

©Julie Sopetran


Foto de internet


The way is not the way is the fight

With the unknown with the luck with destiny

And what is that when you feel in your blood

the furious wishes of a better world?

You call a god to combat the reason of existence

You feel the incompetence the conflict the unreasonable

You feel the guidelines of how to stop in the side

Dreaming with other ways. Watching your eyes impassive

doing nothing

And I perceived the weather

The rain over my bones, the storm, the rays

The intentions, the naked bodies crossing one side to another

Without homes, without hopes, and alones…and women

wandering in a men’s planet. Cells all over the ways

intelligent or foolish cells that kill us. I still walking

and looking for at least a single cell, or a tiny-segment-matter

showing me love!


©Julie Sopetran


The wolves at night
Devouring kisses
Not have given me.

©Julie Sopetrán

Between the notes
Of your old piano
My free verse…
©Julie Sopetrán



The power was no power
At the moment went off
And I was working there with you
And you, and you… And She
The invisible aye of darkness
And we are in the heart of Manhattan
And we are in Manila In Turkey in Baghdad
In a little town far away in Spain or Mexico
Where everyday is a blackout and nobody knows
But what is this world without power?
And I was at the 34th Street subway station
Or in the train from Brooklyn to Rockefeller Centre
I was boiling water or drinking beer
With my friends feeling the sticky summer day
I smell the wax burning candles around my shadow
And I run away from the tons of trash over the flowing garbage cans
The power was no power at the moment went out
Because the mechanical energy was stopped its great effects
Only the aye saw the incompetence only the aye is watching me
Calmness, quiet, montionless and self-possessed
She is the goddesss of tragedy and te comic
Transformation and retain, change and immutability
And She is only one aye between the darkness always in blue and red
Soul and blood. Air and fire. Power and charge or change or choice
The circuit, the habitat, the environment…
It is only one moment in her aye and my life is different!
For this I am here waiting to know more about darkness disturbances
Might be a human error, might be a terrorist action,
Might be business speculations, might the power is tired to be power
Might God have a break up! The aye knows what I ignore
What I can´t prejudge
And not, I can´t wait more to do something for the afraid children
For the elder, for the invalid, for my friend
Sirens blared across the city: I am scary
The radio ran on batteries, the ices taste chemical
News consumers are also tired to hear lies and lies perturbed
Mental and moral power still on, don¨t worry my friend
The blackout is nothing if tonight we have beer
and WATER!


© Julie Sopetrán


the leaf that is an elf


What do I have from God
That I feel everything
That everything frightens me
And I am awere of it
I ignore everything
And I am looking for the shadow
Of the fire
What do I have from the air
That I fly
And I come back
And I touch the light with my eyes
I feel sleep
in a dream
What do I have from the water
That my eyes are as rain
The clouds are going up and down
And by the rivers
That flow through my body
What do I have
What do I have from the sun
That I am burning myself
What do I have in my soul
That I increase
As a twig is bent, so it will grow
Growing up for an instant
Going down
Going down
to the earth
What do I have
What do I have from God
That I move
That I climb naked
Through the tree
And there in its warm branches
I wait
Many leaves fall down
They call me
They call me
They call me down
I resist going down
I resist!
What do I have from God
If I die?

Julie Sopetrán


I fear – despite the light that each day breaks far over the eastern horizon.
I fear to look at people, to pluralize my thoughts, to cristalize my cowardice.
I am afraid to break the glass that separates matter from spirit.
I am afraid to face another mirror where in I see myself through different eyes, and desire desperately to have a different image, to be a flower, to be a cloud, to be from an unknown race.
Yes, I am afraid of death. I would rather accept the life I know a little, and go rashing hour by hour into the incontrovertible.
I lack the courage to die screaming, so my silence overflows in a slow  peacemaking agony.
I am frightened by the night that with pathetic solitude makes me discover the light as it is a conformity of  resttless souls; a similitude of one to the other, equality of mind, patience, inequality, quietude, toleration, abundance, sin, prayers, constancey, sighs, dreams, insomnia, problems, war, peace, population, hunger, aire, discrimation… The poor songs and weering of life – some of whom radiate the truth.
We all sleep, we all are guilty of miserie, we eat, we think, we are a connected necessity.
And though we have in common our differences, we are totally unacquainted with each other.
But our intuitions about each other are casual.
I am afraid of night because in its I am not capable of waking to tell you that I love you.
Because in its I am not capable of telling  to this joyous God that I can forgive my enemy.
Because in its I cannot understand you and tell you at the same time that I come from your own race.
I am afraid of glimmering contrasts and I cannot learn to die unless I can disginguish them first.
If  I could call a
s truth my bad and good behavior.
Would if it be possible to die for two different things at the same time.
I will have to look for a more original way of life.
May be a stronger inquietude capable of transmitting to my soul a vivid wish to think for a moment about death.
It is difficult for me to avoid this fear, to fight against injustice and be a small reflex of the bauty of existence.
I cannot avoid it – I am afraid and I do not know if the truth that surrounds me is just.

Julie Sopetrán
( It was writing in Spanish Language 1970)




Lit candles. Faces. Memories,
and an entrance that´s rainbow: protection for the place
of rest and meditation.
Necklaces. Cempasuchitl, pre-Hispanic links, songs,
paper medals, flames talking to the wind
the diverse language departed.
It is the prime time of the celebration
or death´s needle,
It is the decomposition of matter, transformed into art…
Who could have imagined so much beauty on a tomb?
Mole. Glass of water. Copal. Salt. Prayers.
Firecrackers. Fruits. Bread. Music.
Corridos. Bolas. Romantic songs.
History, praised…
In Morelos everything is possible
Gloom battles with life and its victor,
it is once again for a little while, happines, live tradition
which overcomes reality.
It was before these ornate gravesites, when I knew
That in Ocotepec, as in my heart,
those that have departed return every year to remind us of their love.
And that only LOVE can save us.

Julie Sopetrán



Under a yellow star
There is a white olive-tree
Beneath a stalk of wheat
A flower and a worm
Below, further down
There is the water and the pearl
And under the earth
There is again the star.

Julie Sopetrán

Image: Julie Sopetrán


Listen. There is gesture in the golden evening
That defines a silver message.
These are the signs of the passing hours
Leaving their legend in the face.
Sadness and happiness incarnate
Like quiet Giocondas telling fortunes.
Statues with unmoving eyes
With the flow of history through the stone.
The earth has gestures of landscape
That the natural man can feel.
The sky winks.
Full of smiles
That man does not receive.
There is a gesture in the afternoon.
Serious, sweet, sad, painful, arid,
That would define us.

Julie Sopetrán 

The Fourth Anthology (California Chaparral Poets) 


Two crows played
between the old convent´s ruins
they looked to me like servants
from an advent landscape
meditating after a sacrament.

Julie Sopetrán

Poet – an International Monthly. April 1982 (World Poetry Society)


I was pulling up weeds
And I pulled a thorn out of my finger
My skin turns pale my cheeks blush
I take off the trouble
The sun painted my hair just right!
The sun and my skin are in love
The wind envy our feelings
In love… Only in love…
Like you, like me, like she…
Like one leaf
As an artist with his colour in
No. Is not make-up: is only passion!
Fair in my glance
I put lipstick in my word´s border
Red zeal or bloody ardour
Yes. I always be important
Although nobody care
But now more… I´m more than ever
Because I don´t have thorns in my skin
And my body
Is like a blanck page
For your kisses.

Julie Sopetrán


Your youth is over, my good friend
The sun kissed your lips and your veins
I wanted in that fire to be with you
Sharing the taste of the good things
To tighten in the roses of your shelter
The beauty os all scenes,
I would like to read, to read …
Leaving in the memories
The gold parchment of your history.

Julie Sopetrán

This poem was published in 1983 World Poetry. Author and edited by Prof. Kim Young Sam. Literature and Ethics. Chungbuk National University. Cheongju, Korea. In the World poetry Research Institute. Korea.

Pintura de Frida Kahlo


One sign implies another
Until emptiness is broken
And spaces are filled
Entangled with harmonies
That combine intonations
Of flowing words
The word is an obligation
This is the way the law was born
And also rebelliousness
If we are born then we die
But we cannot die if we are not born
The logc is intermediate
For «somebody» there is an «everything»
And if all can exist in the truth
Life is an isosceles triangle
Two sides are equal
The other is unknown
«Yes» and «No» is a grand enigma
Altered in the hands of man
Interrogation is an unknown word
The triangle becomes scalene
And the three sides are dissimilar
Man lives in a circumference
Therefore, he cannot understand
The triangles very well.

Julie Sopetrán



Life is a game of love
And hate, and more,
Life is a place
With ghosts and fairys
Life is a deal
That we have
With the Devil and God
Life is a play
That we never forget
And more and more
And more…
Life is the less
When you don´t live.

Julie Sopetrán

Foto: Akika7


Only few words can tell you
The intellectual connection
In the silence, right now, time does not exist
With our eyes closed
We see only the beauty
Hope is on this side of the river
The flowering branch, in all its beauty
Is speaking of its feelings
We only need
Those words to be felt.

Julie Sopetran


Julie, I personally think you are a great writer. You have your own way ofexpresing your thoughts and feelings about things. I can see where you are coming from in this poem as only we wished happyness would last. But when we have it we should take advantage of it. We also need to take notice of the beauty of nature surrounding us, not just think its just a paralized object. See what is behind most situations if a better moral messege. I might be wrong, but we all have our individual ways of seeing poems. If we where to think the same life would be boring, no topics to have different opinions on. No curiosity towards opinions, not belonnging to ours. Hugs and kisses dearest Julie. Love Rebeka. With Great emotion I leave this coment in http://www. foropoems. July 8, 2005

 Firefly_Strip (NASA)


I am a radiance bird
A flower tree
with veins
to be all set…
I come from the star
I was looking for a human:
Woman, men, man, woman…
Do you know where are they?
I am a track footprint
From mankind
And you?
And he?
Why did you change your face?
Because I like to cover and to keep
The light from your star.

Julie Sopetrán

Autoretrato de Frida Kahlo


Everything changes in her head
Thoughts, images, words, colours…
The hat covers the wind
The wind sings inside the hat
Her face transforms illusions
Her glance calms the time
Her lips are closed and quiet
It is the moment of wearing secrets
As is the secret of the bird
Inside de tree…
The nest is the cradle of thoughts
The woman watch the world,
The space, the stars, the flowers
And flies the ideas
Saved in the classic stylus hat
The woman dreams and loves
With her pleasant identity.

Julie Sopetrán

(El Amor de Adolphe-William Bouguereau)


Mirrors, bubblers, peace
Tonight there are no stars
Only a human moon
Going around in my dreams
And you are in the centre
Painting lights from my heart
Tears, smiles, the grass is wet
Against our bare feet
And it is not even raining
Our hands express the movement
We are playing with the sunrise
We are changing the world
We create a carefree circle
Love exists!

Julie Sopetrán


Pearls, pájaros, woman, plumas
The sky inside the head
Todo es verdad
My heart is in love with justice
Oh! La Raza, the latin music drives me to dance
Acércate más, don´t be afraid of rhythms
Tus brazos hablan de Amor
Tus latidos se mueven al compás de la luna
Your belly is my drum
Where I touch the Universe
Danza, danza
Hasta que se vaya la luna
Por tus brazos
Y las feathers of your birds
Me adornen la tristeza
Of your distance!

Julie Sopetrán



Flower is a word that
Nature does not say.
But she write in her diary
many times.
A silent man writes
of flowers in the thoughts
of his hidden intimacy.
Only de wind knows the secrets
of a burgeoning world.
Only the wind is losing
on a journey of silence.
Only the wind knows the seeds
that one day will break the fear,
of each man
So he may find
his own flower.

Julie Sopetrán



The bow is waiting for the arrow in the archer’s hands
There is a target and a fletching and a riser, and the string
And the Strength…dawn and first is the argument force
Up is the power; in front is the passion, inside the beauty
The walls are made of velvet pink, blue, and gray
When you arrive in the inner space it is full of music. Viola, violin, and the triangle…
Made the gravity, the elopement, the brain drain, the fleeting and the fury
To be inside is difficult but never impossible
For it is the sacred dwelling
Where angels rest in the upper circle or vault made of fiver
I feel the vigor of the cycles and the moon organized in rivers
My emotions rivers that melt ovaries’ snow, sweet water
In the virtual canal of my senses, of my bravery feelings
Or my romantic sensibility in my way of Love
Because Love is the language, only Love
I follow and perceived the meaning of my sex, my pure sex
My complete speaker in this false and vicious world
I am talking about my vagina and still I blush
Religion is on my back, heavy, intrusive, and intolerant but,
Not anymore, I broke the chains, today I feel happy talking with myself
I know it is goodness inside my goddess
I appreciate the pleasure to be a woman, a woman forever
And I play with my angels

© Julie Sopetrán  

girasoles js


I remember
When I was a drift
Yes, millions of years ago
Before I was a woman
I float and float and just keep on floating
One day I was in the Atlantic Ocean
Another day I crossed the Pacific
I went to see my friends
They were living in the coral banks
I grew up in the sea
But I am almost the same
As I was when I was seven
And I have thousands of wings
That only you perceived!
                                                                   ©Julie Sopetrán


  toward the west


Because I awake everyday
And I am a daughter of time
I feel the light growing
Like a white tongue
Speaking to my senses.
I feel the quiet beat of the tree
Between the savage hands of the earth
Giving its force and tenderness.
I feel the beating sun in my eyes,
And love in the endless lips
Of a happiness interminable and fragile.
Because I awake everyday
I am going slowly
Behind the steps of the sun
Toward the west.

Julie Sopetrán





The tongue is the mill
Where the truth is broken

From the border of the printed word
To the farther extremes of the voice
The darkening idea flows into the flower
From the margin of the echo
To the fleeing fantasy
The crystal that transmits
The light of thought
Is broken off
Until the final moment
In which a tear bursts
Into the thirsty hollow of the lyre
Where the agony ca be seen
Deeply rolling toward the sound
That covers the wounds
Where the screams of men are drowned.


Julie Sopetrán


I can not image
How it will be night
in our arms.

Julie Sopetrán



A prelude of voices is lost everyday.
There are words that blossom
And rise aloft and grow.
They are lost, they fly,
They are like dust in the arms
Of the sun, an invisible veil,
The union of a prodigious essence.
How many millions of flocks
Of words fall into the vacuum,
Or are transported to the blue!
They are like incense
Reassuming the mass
And expressing the song of humanity.
But how many words, mute,
Stay with the foresight
Of our feelings.
Music that nobody hears,
That nobody prays,
That remains a prisionr
In the arcanum of the heart.

©Julie Sopetrán, 2003



The clown is not a man
Is he a ghost?
No. No. I more, is almost your own self
With a painted face!
Is a geture crossing space
As a guardian reinbow?
No. No. Is more than bright colours.
Listen your laugh: a guffaw, cackle, haw haw
Touching your skin or running in your blood
Like opulent rivers and cascades
Drenched dryness, heading security
And for a moment world disappear!
Yes, and you laugh and laugh
Happy… And after? Tell me after…?
Well, only the Polar Bear -we saw at the zoo-
Returned the earthly balloon
To your hands.
And where is the clown?

Copyright 2003 – Julie Sopetran



Labyrinth is not here
There are not centers
There are margin´s circunferences
Limits of contemplations
There is the periphery
Where people care each other
We are in the center of unity, espace, time.
The intemporal feeling of Love and Life
There are so many streets, ways, legends,
Hurry, Urgency, noises, commotions,
Disorder, violence…
I only need a creator, creatura, someone
Who will care for Beauty,
for a point of light
for a dream for the spirit
For the precious stone of the heart
Beating labyrinths with our feet, souls,
With our hands:
Yes. We make the Paradise!

Julie Sopetrán, 2003



The way is inside
And over the cave
The snail sleep
Under the road
Truth retain.

Julie Sopetrán, 2003



Green, brown, almost blue
Your river flow
And detaint my ayes
In the profound grave
Extreme, intense, bright, graceful,
Clean water of feelings writing poems
And nothing is intentional
There are only colors surrounding us
A sensitive compound coming from earth
From sea, from sky, from rivers
The pleasing ecstasy
Is to be at the bottom
To letting go forward by draughts
Until I meet you there
At the sea!

Julie Sopetrán, 2003



Words, words, words…
Made of blood and blue
A dragonfly, seahorses,
Angles, bubles,
Gems, drops, embraces…
Earth, space, words!
Playing, flying, flutter
Running the red skay
Of feelings.

Julie Sopetrán, 2003



She never will be free
Her veil is made of clouds and knots
She is a bride waiting alone
The power is made from creation
The ornament force the order
Only the sea can help her
To be herself

Julie Sopetrán, 2003



The mountains made a circle
It is an ancient sea and sad
Dry up inside
Dreams were desolated by the steppe
The winds dispersed Beauty
As a present arid painting
Made with the hands of Tranilvania´s hills
In love, always in love
With the Carpato´s mound!
Arid painting of sand
The colourful mud
The pebbles from the Alpes
Dunes, lagoons, rivers: Danuvio, Drave…
Something is missing
Balaton lake as a little sea
And its big sweet heart
Is beating absences.

Julie Sopetrán, 2oo3



Mirrows, bubles, peace…
It is raining over ours heads
And you are in the center
Painting lights from my heart
Tears, smiles, the grass is wet
The table ready
Our hands express the movement
We har playing with sunrise
The wine is old
We change the world
Our carefreee intimate life!

Julie Sopetrán, 2003

penumbra.jpg js


Stepping, she uses her feet to connect the distance
In between
The distance from here to there
The space between us
Between you
Between me
She steps hesintantly
But makes it a big step
Does she complete the leap
A leap of faith
A leap of gesture
What will make it complete?
Who is to say what completion is?

Julie Sopetrán, 2003



Unique in my I´m
Another one does not exist
Neither I seem to your eyes
Not to your tact
Neither to your mouth, your hands,
Nor your laughter
You in you are diferent
And different I am
I feel the knowledge magic that I exist
The blessed madness of knowing to me
Single I in the way of my same one
Nobody is worse than I
Not matter how hard it wants
And i want to be better, always I attenpt
Plus anybody it can be
To me although it wanted
Only in my I am night of my day
And shining light of my night I am
God me made single in my
the life is mine!

Copyright 2003, Julie Sopetrán



Water Skay Sea
The land is blue and green. And more…
The Earth dispair
Between your hands
Where are the trees, the smiles?
The kisses of Love?
Everything is silk
Like a blue veil over th wind
Moving in your and my eyes
Clothes Transparency Mirrows
Like invisible doves playing in the air
In the waves of our souls
There is the angel´s silk
Matter, Bodies, Stones, Beaches…
Playing, playing with us the blues
There is no end, there is no end
Between the angel´s silk
And you
And me
And she.

Julie Sopetrán, copyright 2003



Words are golden
As the eyes of the cat in the dark night
In front of my flash light
Surprised it when was watching the moon.
My tongue is quiet testing the brevity
Of experience
There are not monosyllables
Only a noisy sight in the deepest music
Of my free verse
Words are also red inside my body
As the fire in the mirror
As a fan turning the air yellow
As a wed sex before lightning
As a rape pomegranate full of sweet blood
Or gorgeous gems incrusted the pleasure of my
Because I know, you are in my tongue
When I named you
But also, when my saliva perfumed your kisses
Sex between the harvests white fields
Black, red, yellow, black holeIn the labyrinth centre of my life
As a silence tongue shadow
Expressing music!  Julie Sopetran



 I am hearing your heart, your arms…
Muving the space in your walking
Your legs, your feet, your body
In harmony with the deepest notes
In the way to the stars
It is your strong decision who interpret the B flat
Probably you ignore how musical you are
Your paths walk is an earthly sound wave
Crossing black holes
I see you going surrounded by prodigious trees
By the a lighting hummed sex
You are including in this cosmic performance
Where the typical piano is almost broken
Your hot decisive walk impresses me
Trillions of stars flows making forms your image
Cavities, fingers, branches, divine caves
Extending your movement away
From your central blue and black-pink

Julie Sopetrán




 There are not streets
I am thinking about you and I grow
As a woman In my way is not resentful is not past
Is not future
Only I feel the red clods-earthly-grass at the moment
Sometimes it is an even layer of snow
And I grow because the sky is bright
As your colours
And I open my arms to the puzzling fable
Of your ayes.

 Julie Sopetrán



We don´t need to talk
our hands express the silent around the river
Our ayes rest in the water
Fingers flowers are flavouring the trees
The path of the border sings the distance
And there is a bird learning to say something
As a baby dream full of doubts
Is the silent embroidery by the evergreen?
What makes me think about equivocal?
The chaos is magic
The blade the leaf reflects existence
And you are here
Touching my soul
What else you want to know?
The clay is in the bottom of the river.

Julie Sopetran

 J and Wise – my dog


…and nothing else can be
the same
my friendmy dress has winds
my ayes shine and grow
my body is bright
as a magician in the center of the world
and all is because you
you just love me.

Julie Sopetrán


Who said are all we alone?
No. No. This is not so.
At least I am not alone
Because I can dance,
turn, gyrate, excite, seduce, suggest
And open my arms, my legs, and my love
And dance, dance, dance

No, never alone
I dance and rejoice with myselff
I listen to te music within me
And it is the stars tha really invites me
To dance!

Julie Sopetrán


I can be my shadow in the darkness
Or it can be be the chape of my foot
Also the stopping place where I get down
Or my be it is the invisible door beyond the stars
Hardly can be the unsymmetrical floor
Where I keep my spiritual force
And I am vigilant, armad, attentive…
You painted and I feel the splendour
of the inaccessible!

Julie Sopetrán


I am a radiance bird
I come from the star
I was looking for a human:
Woman, men, man, women…
I am a human
Why did you change your face?
Because I like to cover
and to keep
The light from your star.

Julie Sopetrán

Oscar R.


Cloudy and blue sea
Your fantasy and my truth
Are revealing meanings
Of existence
You are making a river
Deep inside my sea
Endless of colors: Blue
Always returned waves
To woman fields and beaches
The crown, the flowers
The important points… the cross
The numbers
Sapphires, jewels:
My treasure
This feminine sense of water!

Julie Sopetrán



My body is bent, crooked, inclined…
My heart exploited
I can almost walk again
My hair is awful, slovenliness…
The air knows why
My legs dismish
I can not speed my dried step
My arms without strength
Where has my energy gone to?
Of my everyday little things I do?
Where is the force to propel me forward?
The potency of my body, my soul, myself
To be in peace
And now I need somebody to push me
Still I go on foot
I know we have a place in common
without bombas!

Julie Sopetrán


I have need of God.
Although it is useless
To tread in the dust
To excavate the soil
To embrace the air
To caress the light
To gaze fully at the blue
Or lose it in the valley.
To stop to take the hope from an orchard
Even to throw a kiss to space
That screams of love to things untouched.
I have need of God
Until I can feel myself accompanied by all mankind.

©Julie Sopetrán

All rights reserved. The poems contained on this site are copyrighted in.


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  1. Thanks, Alguien, I would like to know your name, where are you from… Anyway I am glad that my poetry help you.

  2. Thanks the last year you help me of homework because I have to right a poem thanks I love your poems they are lovely

  3. Mi querida amiga: Hace unos días pensé en tí. Y hoy, como un regalo de Dios, me escribes, había perdido el contacto contigo, por tantos problemas de la vida. Y qué alegría, Kary, me he emocionado al leer tu mensaje. Gracias por buscarme, por escribirme…, tantos recuerdos de los años ochenta… Te escribo a tu correo. Te mando mi abrazo fuerte y mi cariño de siempre. Nuca te he olvidado y me alegra todo lo que me cuentas que estás haciendo ahora.
    Yo también estoy jubilada, en Sopetrán, ¿recuerdas? . Un abrazo amiga. fuerte, fuerte.
    Mi correo electrónico julieazb@hotmail.com y juliesopetran@gmail.com

  4. Hola Julie, Quisiera introducirme de nuevo. Soy Kari; nos conociamos los anos 1983-1986, primero en Palo Alto y luego en Espana, cuando trabaje por la Embajada EEUU. (Perdon, pues no se como poner los acentos con mi teclado.)

    Espero que te encuentres bien y que todavia esta haciendo las cosas que mas te gustan.

    Tengo muchos recuerdos preciocisimos de mi estancia en Madrid y los fines de semana que pase con vosotros en Mohernando. Nunca lo olvidare, y de vez en cuando miro los fotos y me hace sonreir pensar en los bellos tiempos en tu maravilloso pais.
    Pues mucho ha hasado desde los 80! Me jubile como profesora de ingles como idioma segundo y leer (clases para americanos que no pueden leer buen). Tambien soy un terapista del masaje quien trabaja con personas con la cancer y con condiciones medicos, y soy voluntaria del hospicio. Trabajo tiempo incompleto y me gusta mucho. Voy a ensenar un curso hybrido (internet/en persona) sobre tocar suavemente las personas que tienen la cancer este verano, y en el otono una clase sobre el pensamiento critico/leyendo criticalmente por los estudiantes de cuidado de la salud. Estoy casada con un hombre muy amable quien es hispano pero no habla much espanol (es chicano)–es jubilado pero era meteorologo/cientifico fisico que especializaba en las dinamicas fluidos.

    Estoy revisando el idioma castellano (despues de estos 30 anos!), y he estado pensado en ti. Espero que todo vaya muy bien contigo. Puedo leer tu poesia por gracias al internet! Me encantaria mucho reconocernos por medio de escribirnos si tengas tiempo. Mi direccion de correo electronico es vasquezkara@gmail.com. Espero que podamos reunirnos por este medio! Favor de encontrar mi direccion debajo.

    Tu amiga para siempre, y con mucho carino,

    Kara Vasquez vasquezkara@gmail.com

  5. Oh! my God! Thanks very much. Agradezco mucho este «Me quedo contigo»… Muy lindo.
    Gracias, quien seas.

  6. All of you, thanks very much for your words. God bless you. I enjoy your visit and love.

  7. If you give me a choice
    Between you and wealth
    With that greatness
    That it carries with it, oh love
    I stay with you

    If you give me a choice
    Between you and the glory
    To tell the story of me
    Forever, oh love
    I stay with you

    Well I fell in love
    And I love you and I love you
    And i just wish
    Be at your side
    Dream with your eyes
    Kiss your lips
    Feel me in your arms
    That I am very happy.

    If you give me a choice
    Between you and that sky
    Where free is flight
    To go to other nests, oh love
    I stay with you

    If you give me a choice
    Between you and my ideas
    That I without them
    I’m a lost man, oh love
    I stay with you

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    Thanks a lot! Felices Fiestas.

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  22. Lu, gracias por tus palabras, en realidad es cierto que cuando estás entre dos idiomas, es como si duplicaras tu personalidad. Alguien dijo que cada palabra tiene su propia alma, y estoy de acuerdo, por eso no me gustan las traducciones en poesía. Esos poemas están escritos directamente en Inglés, en el Inglés de una persona hispana o latina. Me encantan los dos idiomas. Pensar, sentir en los dos idiomas… Ahora menos en Inglés. Gracias por tu comentario en esta sección. Un fuerte abrazo.

  23. En español escribes de un modo clásico. Tus poemas en inglés son muy buenos. Tienen el deje de tu bilingüismo y eso los hace especiales.
    Leo mucha poesía en inglés y encuentro que adolece de falta de musicalidad para alguien formado en la literatura de lenguas latinas.
    Leonard Cohen comprendió ese punto y lo plasmó en su obra de un modo notable. Superior al premio Nobel en quien dijo inspirarse. Sus letras al igual que tus poemas evitan los phrasal verbs tan ambiguos en su traducción.
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